Online Evaluations

Create, manage and allocate your own online Evaluation Tools and Evaluation Assessments.

Create your own online evaluation tools which enable you to:

  • Setup your own Evaluation Tools to evaluate KPA's (Key Performance Areas) defined by you.
  • Specify and invite evaluators, moderators and candidates for 'mock' and 'formal' evaluation assessment sessions.
  • 'Formal' evaluation sessions provide more functionality and style choices than 'Mock' evaluations.
  • Automatically calculate candidate KPA scores by indicating KPI ratings (Key Performance Indicators) during sessions.
  • Automatically compute, display and email evaluation results and reports.

  Creation   Customization   Copying   Allocation   Scheduling   Feedback & Reporting   Emailing

Save an enormous amount of time and money by using our automated online evaluation tools.

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Product: Online Evaluations

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# Item Unit Cost (R) Number Cost (R)
1. Total KPA's: R 500.00 R 5,000.00
2. Evaluation Assessments:
Mock: R 50.00 R 500.00
Formal: R 100.00 R 0.00
VAT @ 15% R

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