Coach in the Corner has received valuable feedback, input and commentary on its range of offerings,
some of which we'd like to share with you below. After all, a compliment only really means something
when someone else says it - and says it loudly.

Anita Kitching : Manufacturing - Shopfitting

Bruce Martin Russell : Manufacturing - Packaging
They are supportive.

Carrie Jackson : Business Services - Hiring and Repair
Hard to explain how much they've helped me. They have coached me into being a better manager. Developed me.

Debbie Pretorius : Manufacturing - Instrumentation
In one word, they are life-changing.

Jaco Ferreira : Manufacturing - Packaging
They have added immense value: It was my year in a new position as sales manager so they offered me coaching on how to approach people one-on-one and in groups.

Johannes Motloung : Manufacturing - Mining
In one word, they are excellent.

Kosta Kousiakis : Manufacturing - Instrumentation
What they do is a combination of showing you and teaching you about life tools and how to use them.

Nqaba Shelembe : Manufacturing - Mining
They added a lot of value regarding how to work well with other people and how to manage people in the work place.

Pieter Naude : Manufacturing - Instrumentation
In one word, they are enriching.

Taryn Kurtz : Business Services - Hiring
They restructured and rebuilt my company. They are mentors; they showed me how to run a business.

Wessel Delport : Manufacturing - Instrumentation
I can't think of one word, but two words to describe them: added value.

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